Camper Avan Advantage


Thanks to unique engineering design, the Avan camper is 100% solid wall construction and can be assembled in under 30 seconds! 
Super-strength smooth panel construction, insulated interior and tinted windows ensure greater comfort and better security than any other folding camper. Giving you peace of mind.
Built on the tough Centurion Chassis, all Avan camper models are versatile enough to take you across the country or just out of town. Clever interior designs can accommodate a family in comfort, and our standard features include 90 Litre fridge, cook-top, deep bowl sink, high-tech construction furniture and ample storage for your holiday essentials.

Super Strength Smooth Panels

•    Superior insulation properties
•    Cooler in summer / warmer in winter
•    Dent resistant 
•    Impact resistant
•    Easy to clean
•    Less maintenance
•    Super Strength
•    Smooth Panels
•    Light Weight
•    Easy to tow
•    Better security
•    Choice of colours exterior/interior
Avan's super-strength ‘smooth panel construction’ delivers superior strength without weight, meaning better fuel economy when travelling.


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